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FREE GAMES ZONEJARKANOÏD 3 is a Breakout/Arkanoid simulation programmed by Jérôme BARJOT. As it was developed during spare-time, it took me a long time to reach this result. My first attempt was really a bad game. The second one (JARKANOÏD 2) was not so bad and can be downloaded here (do not smile if you play it). This third attempt looks better to me and can be considered as one of the best Breakout/Arkanoid simulation.

The way to play JARKANOÏD 3 is still the same, you will have to break this bloody walls of bricks. You still have to lead balls with your bat. You give a direction to the ball. Sometimes, when you destroy a brick, a bonus frees. It can be either a good or a bad stuff. So, just choose to catch it or not. Do not forget :"don't miss a ball !"

Why JARKANOÏD 3 is better than Arkanoid?


* Graphics details are better

* Up to 100 balls simultaneously

* 22 bonuses

* Many options to fix your own way to play (balls speed, balls acceleration, bonuses at once, bonus frequency, bonuses weight, and more…)

* No flickering, balls moves are the smoothest possible 

* It is free; you do not have to pay. No time limit nor spyware too




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